Top 11 SEO and Blogging Tools You Must Know to Grow

So, you recently started blogging and working on SEO websites, but you still don’t get the expected results. I know it can be a difficult situation. But have you ever wondered why you don’t achieve those results. Sometimes we need the help of available tools to help us understand what is happening and how we can improve it.

1. Google Keyword Planner

This is useful for getting your ad in front of the right customers.

3. Semash

Semrush seo and blogging tool

SEMrush is another SEO tool for researching your keywords, and that is tracking the keyword strategy used by your competitors. The device is used by 40 million people worldwide. SEMrush was recognized as the best digital SEO Suite in 2018 by the American Search Awards, the MENA Search Awards and the SEMI Awards. This will help you do an SEO audit for blogs. This helps you get feedback opportunities for the site.

4. Ioast SEO

ioast seo and blogging tool

Ioast SEO is one of the most popular tools in WordPress. It is very easy for a personal blog or SEO professional to understand the client management plugin.

It’s easy to install on any WordPress site you host. It’s mostly free. This gives you the option to purchase a premium.
Ioast allows you to dominate titles, meta descriptions, slags, sitemaps. You can set target keywords for your campaign. Ioast shows you the number of uses.

Clip preview lets you see what your page or post will look like in search results to create better content.
The page analysis feature checks post length, meta descriptions and focused keywords, and more.
Meta and link elements with this tool help you determine which pages Google will show in its search results that it won’t. WordPress only displays authorized links on the page.

This tool automatically creates KSML Sitemaps and later notifies Google and Bing.
Ioast SEO is equipped with the implementation of Facebook OpenGraph to connect Facebook and social media.
Ioast SEO is compatible with various websites.
The unique function of the crusher allows you to develop easy navigation for both search engines and users.

5. A screaming frog

Frog screaming tool

Screaming Frog is a website search engine. You can search website URLs and collect information about items. These elements generate analyzes and audit reports for SEO, technical and website.

7. Link Tool Tool

Connection research tool

LRT or Link Research Tool is SEO software. This tool operates in the main four-part tender control, competitive research, link building and link audit.

8. Ontolo

ontolo equipment

Ontolo is designed to find connection capabilities based on a custom database theme. Extracts options from search results. Later analysis, filters, and locations find the type of connection. It works on the expressions you specify.

9. Google Search Console

Google seo search console tool

The Google Search Console is a web-based tool with an SEO tool. Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools. This free tool helps you keep track of your crawling and crawling statistics from Googlebot. It provides you with a matrix to help you optimize your website for your organic visibility.

This SEO tool is useful for increasing the organic footprint of your website. It helps to monitor measurement data and discover new knowledge of its users. It is very easy to use.
Search analytics is the most popular feature of the Google Search Console. You can get organic traffic from Google. You’ll get important search metrics like clicks, impressions, rankings, and clicks.
You can easily filter data in a number of ways, such as pages, queries, devices, and more. You will know the number of visitors who use image search to visit your website.
This tool allows you to compare the average CTR reports of mobile and desktop computers. You can get a specific position or ranking of specific pages.
You can detect information such as DNS errors, Robots.tkt failures, and server errors. You can check the indexing error report periodically, this helps you solve various problems related to the indexing section.

You are allowed to create custom searches according to user behavior on search engines, geographic area, region and city.

This tool gives you keywords on the page, without any external, internal, links or prominent photos.

10. Moser

mozbar seo tools

MozBar is the main extension of the Chrome browser on the toolbar. More than 500,000 users trust this device. This gives you a quick matrix when viewing pages or SERPs. Mojo is very popular among SEO and inbound marketers.

You can compare and access link metrics when looking at the SERP for all your pages.
It can evaluate the DA and PA of your website based on common features, connection metrics, HTTP status, etc.

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