Samsung Unveils New Products at Life Unstoppable

IFA 2020 is a unique experience for customers, vendors and exhibitors alike. The epidemic has found that the names of some notable technologies have been dropped from the annual consumer technology exhibition.

One of the biggest names missing from IFA 2020 is Samsung, which held a separate event showcasing the latest additions to its range of mobile, wearable, TV, audio and home appliances.

The Samsung Life Unstoppable Show was held on September 2nd and here is what you need to know.

Lots of new Samsung hardware

Samsung Life Unstoppable was a virtual experience, allowing customers around the world to stock the latest Samsung hardware. Although Samsung is not appearing at IFA 2020 or using the IFA Virtual Event Showcase, the South Korean tech giant is stepping in with the original event.

Life Steppable features several key Samsung products:

  1. Premier, brand new smart projector
  2. New additions to the Galaxy smartphone range, including the multi-hyped Galaxy Z Fold 2
  3. The Odyssey G5 gaming monitor comes with a super-response rate
  4. An attractive wireless trio charger for charging multiple devices wirelessly
  5. Updated Galaxy Fit 2 smartwatch and fitness tracker
  6. Smart washing machine and molten dryer unit
  7. Premier Smart Projector

The standout Samsung release is The Premier, a smart projector that brings a wonderful 120- or 130-inch 4K cinematic experience to your living room.

Premier is an ultra short throw laser projector, which means you no longer need to mount an expensive projector (or a pile of carefully balanced books). Instead, the laser projector beams the image on your wall at a very short distance to the top, making the Premier more versatile than other options.

The smart projector includes Samsung’s HDR 10+ technology, which is an alternative to Dolby’s Vision HDR format. You will also find all the standard bells and whistles from Samsung’s Smart TV platform.

The new Galaxy smartphone; Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy A42 5G
Without some new Galaxy smartphone models a Samsung hardware launch would not be complete and Life is not unstoppable.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is Samsung’s long-awaited foldable smartphone, with an external 6.2-inch screen and a huge 7.6-inch internal screen. That’s right — Fold 2 comes with multiple screens depending on how you use the device. The folding phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 64-bit octa-core processor, complete with 12 GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 official

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 goes on sale 18 September

These glasses alone make it one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. Added to these glasses are three cameras, a 4,500mAh dual battery, 5G support and 256GB of storage during launch. With it, however, comes the price. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will set you cool at $ 1,999.99.

If the price looks a bit extra or you’re not just on folded smartphones, the Galaxy A42 5G might be of interest to you. The Galaxy A42 5G is a new addition to Samsung’s Midrange A series smartphones and the latest model brings the bonus of 5G support.

Excluding the 5G connection, the A42G G has a new quad-camera layout with four cameras attached to the back of the device. It also sports a decent 6.6-inch Super AMOLED screen, which will use a waterdrop notch for its front-facing camera (compared to the five-hole cutout option on other Galaxy models).

While there is no information yet about the processor or other hardware specifications, the A425 will launch with 128GB of storage.

Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor
Samsung’s Odyssey series gaming monitors always try to push the boundaries of consumer gaming technology. The Odyssey G5 joins the roster with updated hardware, 1-millisecond response time, a fast 240Hz refresh rate and a 27-inch curved 1000R W QHD screen and AMD’s free sync premium technology.

Wireless Trio Charger
Ever had the feeling that you need more space to charge your wireless device? Samsung is listening to you, loud and clear. Insert the wireless trio charger with space for three devices for wireless charging using Samsung’s Kiwi Charging Tech.

The Wireless Trio Charger is wide enough for several smartphones, though the Life Unstoppable Demo Charger features the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Bud Live.

Galaxy Fit 2
The Galaxy Fit 2 is the latest update to Samsung’s range of smartwatch-cum-fitness trackers. The Fit 2 has combined the concepts into some new devices based on the success of the original Galaxy Fit and the budget Galaxy Fit.

First, the Galaxy Fit 2 removes the physical button next to the tracker. Instead, the interaction of all devices comes through a 1.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen. The Fit2 weighs just 21gg and manages to upgrade to a decent 159mAh battery.

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