11 Technology Documentaries on Netflix

The world of technology has always caught your attention. It does not matter if the subject is coding or artificial intelligence. As you look at your latest Netflix obsession, you are likely to spend a weekend researching the latest tech news.

But you don’t have to choose between Netflix and indulge your tech obsession – you can do both! Next time you need a night of rest, check out these 11 technology documentaries to stream on Netflix.

Smash popcorn, relax and settle for a solid stretch of intriguing and informative technology documentaries.

11 thought-provoking technology to watch in 2019

The world of documentary technology changes rapidly. We rounded up the most relevant technology documentaries available for streaming on Netflix so you can stay on top of the latest technology conversations. Whether these films were released in the last year or in the last decade, they grapple with all the technology themes that affect our lives every day.

Duration: 1h 20 minutes

This documentary plunges viewers deeper into the permissions they are actually giving organizations when they accept those conditions. You will have a new perspective on Internet privacy after seeing the terms and conditions may apply.

2. Silicon Cowboys

Before Google and Apple ruled the tech world, Compaq was a computer. The Silicon Cowboy follows the underdog story of three friends and their tech company who dared to take on IBM in the eighties. Compaq is no longer around, but it made its mark in the tech industry that continues to impress us even today. Watch this documentary to hear the true story behind one of the companies that created the start-up culture that it is today.

3. Low and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World

In Low and Beouth, filmmaker Werner Herzog considers the impact of popular technology on human life, including the Internet, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Audiences are treated to interviews with technology leaders such as Elon Musk as this documentary explores the many ways in which technology shapes our lives. Settle is for some existential thinking as you follow technology from the birth of the Internet to an unknown future.

4. The Legend Print

This documentary follows the race between tech companies developing 3D printing and fighting to emerge as leaders in this new market. Print the Legend not only traces the progress and achievements in 3D printing, it also focuses on the controversy related to 3D printing and gun rights. This engaging documentary brings viewers to the intersection of technology, business, and political activism in a film you don’t want to miss.

5. Nova: Cyberware Threat

This 2015 episode of the PBS series NOVA examines the technology of cyber warfare and keeps a close eye on existing computer programs that may have the power to handle our world as we know it. No longer part of science fiction, the program focuses on how the right cyberbutt can harm everything from our food supplies to our cars. Join NOVA researchers as they tackle tough questions about the reality of cyber warfare – and whether we are ready to defend ourselves against it.

6. Year of banking on bitcoin


You may have heard of bitcoin as a popular cryptocurrency which is a wave among tech gurus and financial experts alike. Banking on bitcoin explores the origins of bitcoin and its development in a global phenomenon. This documentary is a watch for anyone with the impact of technology on the world of economy and business.

7. Alphajo

The documentary is named after AlphaGo, a computer program developed by Google’s parent company, whose sole purpose is to play the ancient strategy game Go. The audience takes Alfazo from development to the final test: a Go tournament against the pros. This thought-provoking documentary will tell you about the future possibilities of artificial intelligence and what it means to humanity.

8. Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

Steve Jobs has long been portrayed as a living representation of creativity and innovation in the tech sector. This documentary takes a look at the personal life of the man behind Apple, including the factors that led to his long-standing legacy and the immense grief he felt when he died.

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